Helped me tremendously - Linda Ross, RMT

My readings with Bart Smit and Dr. Williams have been absolutely invaluable, powerful and sacred experiences. I have been seeing Bart now for over 6 years, every 6 or 7 weeks. He and Dr. Williams have helped me tremendously with my personal growth, financial abundance, relationships and general well being. I have found him to be a huge blessing and comfort in my life. He is the most accurate person I have ever been to ( and I have been to many spiritual councellors and psychics) Even my mother who is a regular at People's Church adores him and listens with great respect to his advice. The many people I have sent to him over the years have always found him to be extremely helpful in their lives. Many become regulars like myself. I can only say, if you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to have readings with Bart and Dr. Williams.......grab the opportunity. They are truely a blessing and a God send. One of the biggest differences I find between Bart and a psychic is this: Bart and DR. Williams will only tell you what is in your highest and best good at that time. I have had experiences where psychics have told me things I should not know, sometimes influencing my life in a negative way. Bart and Dr. Williams only share what 1. you are ready to know and 2. what is truly in your highest and best good to know. I find this aspect of the reading very important in the overall scheme of things. I am extremely grateful to have Bart and Dr. Williams in my life. There are not enough words in this language to describe the depths of my appreciation and love for them.

Please call me if you have questions; I would be happy to speak about this truly gifted man.
Linda Ross, RMT

Private Reading - Bart Smit channeling Dr. Williams