Becomes stronger each year - Helen

Dear Bart,

Your retreats are amazing and wonderful, and they provide food for the soul.

Since returning from the healing ocean, sun and sky of Puerto Vallarta I have been reviewing notes from past years’ retreats. You present a theme one year and it becomes the basis for the retreat a year or so later, as with “the dance of the mind and the heart” this year. Some things touch and move me immediately and others can take months or years to experientially grasp or “sink in”.

Some of the inner realms and experiences you describe I have experienced; others I have not. I am most fortunate to have you as a guide to show what is possible on the spiritual path and to point out potentials and pitfalls.  I have taken your teachings as words to live by and am a better person for it.

As a meditator in day-to-day life the group meditations you lead at the retreat (and at the Pathway to Consciousness sessions and classes) help steer the course of my meditations.

The music this year moved into the heavenly dimension. It seemed a deep stream of mantra was flowing through the retreat, and we tapped into it whenever we started to chant. The retreat could not have been what it was without the music. It was inspiring and uplifting, and it brought us into meditation.

The dinner party on the beach Thursday evening was a great celebration! I danced and danced.

Since I have been coming to your retreats and working with you and Dr. Williams I have changed. I am more grounded, happier, more in the moment, and able to deal more quickly with life’s inevitable upsets. Others have noticed these things about me, and I have noticed others in the retreats have left major ‘baggage’ behind. This is cause for rejoicing! We are able to connect more fully and love more deeply. The atmosphere of love that you establish in the retreat becomes stronger each year, and I am better able to sustain it each year.

And since part of my role in supporting you is booking dates for coming years, I know we will soon schedule dates for the next three years. I’ll be there!

With love and thanks,