A scholar, a bandit and an angel - Volker

...Congratulation on an outstanding gathering of caring individuals !

 You truly are a mixture of a scholar, a bandit and an angel. When the angel appears it is a great pleasure and awesome to witness the beauty of your voice in the intenseness of your passion. It truly is heavenly!
I am so thankful to be relieved of some of my heaviest luggages and so blessed to be supported by my children, my friends,  the universe and the unmatchable team of Bart Smit and Dr. Williams. A pity that I have to wait to greet Dr. Williams "in soul" until I move to the next level.

If you would have witnessed todays session with Dr. Williams personally you would have been touched by the never ending flow of wisdom and love. I have never ever listened to anything so enlightening and pure before.

...At this time I want to express my sincere gratitude for our relationship of more than 23 years.

With my best blessing and gratitude