Every year seems more magnificent than the last - Judy

Dear Bart,

I’m so grateful to have you and Dr. Williams in my life, which was borne out again this year by another fantastic Retreat in Puerto Vallarta. It was just amazing! Every year the Retreat dives deeper and deeper and your teachings are more and more profound and inspiring. The topics of quantum physics, the pain body, and the reptilian brain, added to those of the Upanishads and Vedas this year, went beyond and built upon the topics of previous years, giving us the tools to create a quantum shift in our lives and gain the freedom and love we came to this world to experience.
This year I felt everything just flowed. The room was lovely and the energy in it truly supported your teachings. The participants, many of whom had attended previous Retreats, seemed to become a more cohesive group. It was great to get to know new people, as well as reconnecting with people from past years. That was a plus for me, because I was much busier with Seva tasks last year. I think we were all able to go deeper each day – both in the meditations and into your teachings. The songs and music offered by participants were wonderful, heartfelt, and joyously funny, and the chanting was deep and heavenly. And more people seemed to have profound experiences in meditation as well as from of your teachings this year.
The setting of Puerto Vallarta is so perfect to support the Retreat – the sun and warmth most of us seem to be craving by March, breaks spent on the beach or in the water, or just watching the whales frolic in the bay, the wonderful restaurants and, of course, the hospitality of the beautiful Mexican people all combine to create the exceptional Retreat experience.
Every year seems more magnificent than the last; the participants become a more cohesive and loving group, what you teach is more profound and inspiring, and your use of humor, as always, is the gift of a great teacher that keeps us laughing while it aids our learning process. You and Carol work so well together to educate us and to get your wisdom across so we obtain the tools to be able to grow into our own Consciousness.
This is a time in history when it has become apparent that people have to learn to live in and from their hearts, and what better teachers could we have than you and Dr. Williams!
Love and Joy,