I am ecstatic to embrace this deeper awareness... - Laurie (H)

Dear Bart,

As I sit here, embraced in the love of Being, I want to express my gratitude for the 2008 Puerto Vallarta Retreat. It has taken me a month to integrate and comprehend the shift that occurred during this retreat and the depth of my awareness that I gained during this powerful week. The first thing that I acknowledge is the depth of which you teach and which you focus on your own dedication to your journey. You have the capacity to Walk your Talk, which is very rare in my experience with teachers. Your focus on these teachings, is not just your knowledge of the ancient Upanishads and Vedic teachings, as well as the focus on the Siddha path, but it is the depth of which you have experienced these teachings, which has created your wisdom, which you have freely expressed to all who you teach. 

The second thing that you do, is support those within your circle, in various ways. You empower and give back to those who support you on this journey. This is also a very rare gift in what I have experienced on my path. Many teachers expect you to offer your power as reward for their teachings, and take of that power, as they require. The collective becomes a source of strength for the teacher. You not only don't do this, you go out of your way to acknowledge our support for you, by giving back equally to us as individuals, and recognize that we all contribute to you being able to do your teachings, by contributing our own unique abilities to the retreat. You have also, collected together an incredible group of individuals that support and love you for the work that you provide for our own individual journey and growth, as well as providing you with a flawless retreat... the dedication of your sevites show the dedication of selfless service in creating these teachings and this meditation retreat as an experience that all can enjoy and become empowered through. This shows the depth of the teachings you have embraced, through the incredible people you have attracted to assist you to offer the best possible experience for all participants. And you recognize that without their service, you would not be the teacher you are. How, humbling is that!!!

And finally, I am grateful for my own individual growth that occurred during the retreat and through the integration of it during the following weeks. My individual experience, the allowance of discovering once and for all the suffering that my pain body causes me and how my ego can create havoc in my life, has been a huge and priceless gift. It has allowed me to recognize that this suffering is created through a series of events throughout my life, that has created great perception of pain. And the realization of the illusion that I have to experience this pain over and over again. What a gift, for which I am truly grateful. This has created an awareness of the ever present observer and allowed me to understand, or begin to understand who I am... and what I am becoming. That I have always embraced a more feminine teaching and understanding, and how this will only increase in my life and what I teach over the next few years. Combining this with the beauty and strength of the masculine form within my life. This has created a huge shift within my comprehension and understanding from deep within my being. I am ecstatic to embrace this deeper awareness and allow it to grow within me, for which I am grateful to you and your acceptance of me, to allow for this new awareness of my Being.

What a blessing you are in my life. For which I am honoured to be a part of. May it only grow from here.
With Love and an Open Heart,
Laurie (H)