I am in awe.. thank you - Catherine (Cathy) Allgood

Hi Bart,

As I sit here writing this .. enjoying the beautiful spring weather .. it somewhat amazes me that a mere three weeks ago .. when leaving for Puerto Vallarta .. piles of snow still clogged the streets of Toronto!!

I must tell you that this year's Intensive was truly a blessing for me. While not wishing to have any expectations, the experience far surpassed any anticipated goals I did have.

I was absolutely delighted with the shift in all aspects of the event: the re-location of our space which created a far greater feeling of intimacy; the group discussions which provided us with an opportunity to share and get to know one another better; the quiet and caring presence of the sevites who, by participating more actively with us, allowed us to get to know them better as well .. and the question and answer sessions with Dr. Williams and you.  Overall, I found there to be a much greater feeling of understanding, openness and oneness.

However, it was the focus and teachings of this year's Intensive and, more importantly, your loving and intuitively guided meditation experiences that were the true gift for me.

I discovered a reverence for the power of the 'breath' that deeply affected my soul .. and the fullness of love I felt created such a profound shift of healing within.  As well, I felt the awakening and stirring of the Kundalini that was positively intoxicating!  I am in awe.. thank you.

With great respect, gratitude and love,
Catherine (Cathy) Allgood