PV was exactly what I needed - Jeanne

Hello Bart 

Just wanted to let you know the outcome of the car accident that occurred while we were in PV
I think it would be a good story of the house of mirrors 
as you know i got the news of Adam having the car accident on Wednesday while we were in Puerto Vallarta
I had spoken to a friend and to my Ex on the severity of the damage and of course looking back now i got their perceptions and their emotions entangled in mine
of course they all expected me to come home and take care of everything 
What i failed to do was to stay in Mexican time (slow down and listen) and to follow my internal guidance which was to call my insurance company and get all the details from my son. Who just wanted direction on what to do since this was a new experience for him and really didn't know what to do.
The accident occurred a only a block away from home in a congested area where the local school is located and the CD from the visor fell and hit him in the face and he turned away and there was no room for error so he hit a parked car.
When i spoke to my son in PV he wanted me to tell him what to do but for some reason i couldn't get my rational thinking working my emotions got in the way which has been occurring more and more in the past. I felt like i was in a tangled ball of wool and could not get untangled to make a decision or to think thru the process. 
When i got home Monday i went to the insurance company and told them what had happened and they provided me with advice 
They told me that i was a good customer and had been with them for a long time so i was entitled to "a free accident " Which i have never heard of before
So we filed a police report, my insurance isn't going up, Adam learned a lesson and got his wake up call and will pay the deductible of $500. 
The woman car was damaged was going to scam me for 4,000 cash if i had not gone thru the insurance 
My car was $6000 the accident would have cost me over 11,000 dollars cash out of my pocket. 
Thanks to waiting until i returned everyone dealt with their emotions without me so when i returned everything fell into place, and the synchronicity was amazing to observe it was like watching the conductor orchestrating a group of musicians
As a result the woman doesn't have collision on her car and her insurance will not cover her damage. 
If i had tried to settle it while i was away it would have cost me allot of money that i didn't have. 
It was interesting to find out that my daughter and son were experiencing high levels of anger at home while i was going thru my similar emotions in PV.
A job that i wanted has been posted just in time for me to apply for a new job and since they have all ready met me informally they know i have an interest in the downtown satellite project.  The timing has been right on. 
Everything is unfolding as you said and i have no doubt that i will continue to be amazed how my life will continue to change and be elevated to a new level.
I can't explain what i feel but i notice how people look at me differently and how good i feel inside. I have made new friends and i am sure that Cathy and Patti and i will stay in touch as life long friends, they made the journey fun!
It is also interesting to note that for some reason my yoga outfit that i wore during meditating for some reason gives me comfort and has not made it to the washing machine .lol 
Patti mentioned the same; i guess it still hold energy that still makes us feel peaceful and calm.
Thank you for your guidance, you have changed my life since i have met you, and PV was exactly what i needed even if i was hesitant at the beginning on making a decision because life was trying to get in the way. 
PS Mary Margaret loved the dolphin swim and would recommend that participants take the opportunity after the intensive to experience the dolphins.
Love and light