" Shake that heart, baby!" - Eva

Dear Bart and Dr Williams,

Thank you so much for the 2007 PV intensive!
It was really nice to be there again. It felt like going home meeting the people from last year and also discovering the wonderful new participants. Everything was so exceptionally organized. Puerto Vallarta and the Sheraton were perfect again.
The most important learning for me personally was:
- hearing that the Kundalini meditates us (what a relief),
- realizing the "seven Rights" by re-discovering the chakras (huge reminder for me) and
- recognizing the many "angels" on my path that were telling me things (so healing for my heart) between last year and now.
The slides of the presentation were so beautiful. 
I am so lucky and grateful for knowing you and this group of people you attract. I got some very special hugs this time too. And who can forget the advice:
 " Shake that heart, baby!"
Love, Eva