Reach the depth of completeness - Christine

Dear Bart:

This Intensive provided one of the greatest personal experiences of my life!
Of all the forms of therapy, of which I have experienced many (25+ years), not one was able to reach the depth of completeness that I was able to achieve during this Intensive.
The Intensive was well organized with excellent visual material, audio support and useful written material.  The chant of Jyota se Jyota printed in a larger font under the clear cover of the manual was a particularly appropriate and practical.  
The careful selection of the Seva staff created a very supportive function to the smooth operation to all aspects of the Intensive as well to any individual who needed their caring support.  To each of the Seva, I thank you for all that you gave so effortlessly and willingly.
I had a greater appreciation of the Kundalini Yoga each morning especially when I was able to incorporate some of the movements in to my meditation which then allowed them to reach a deeper level.
The history, teachings, and guidance provided by you gave me much clarity and practical applications which have allowed me to understand with a deeper appreciation, comprehension, awe, and wonder of my own meditations.
The chanting was fantastic and intoxicating!  I gratefully appreciated the opportunity to learn Jyota se Jyota Jagao set up by John off your website downloads before arriving which allowed me to sing from the depth of my being.
The gifts of music shared by others were beautiful - thank you for sharing your gifts with us.
Bart - thank you for everything and making it all possible!