A great teacher and a great gift in my life - Laurie

Dear Bart,

This letter is to let you know how blessed I feel to have been a sevite at the 2007 Puerto Vallarta retreat in Mexico.  I find it amazing to feel the continuity from last year's retreat to this year's retreat and to see and notice how taking part in these intensives has truly propelled me forward in my spiritual growth and evolution.  
Since returning home I have noticed that my meditations are much deeper and that my commitment and drive to meditate is unshakeable.  I believe we all carry subtle undercurrents of anxiety that we are not even aware of most of the time.  I know and can feel that I have much less fear and anxiety in my body.........in fact, last night, I bumped into a neighbour, and the neighbour commented on how "calm" I am.  
I also noticed how other sevites and many participants just seemed to "drop" old patterns of behaviour and also found that calm inner state.   The great part of it is that several weeks later, we are still sustaining this new way of being.
Bart, you are truly a great being, a great teacher and a great gift in my life.  
many blessings,