I was at home at peace - Cathy Campione

Dear Bart,

How do I begin to describe the amazing experience of the Puerto Vallarta intensive.  It was so powerful. Each day became increasingly more so.
I met 2 wonderful new friends Jeanne and Patti we bonded from the get go. We helped each other to understand and discuss the day’s events. There were so many powerful and moving moments that words cannot being to describe the experience.  
You answered for me so many deep life long questions that I was searching to understand for such a long time. I felt at home in a place filled with like minded people. For so long I felt like the ugly duckling, a misfit, yet at the intensive I was at home at peace. I finally felt validated for being who I was.
What I enjoy about you the most Bart is that you are hip, cool, and Spiritual at the same time. Your sense of humour your quick wit and especially how you can say it like is and speak your mind. I admire that and being in business in a place that is the anti of spiritualness. You have shown me that it is possible to mesh both worlds.
All I can say to anyone who is considering your intensive for next year is go for it; it changed my life in a very profound and moving way.  
In Love and Light, 
Cathy Campione