Wonderful tool - Lynda Bancroft

Dear Bart,

I don't have words to adequately convey all that I received from this 2007 Intensive. And Intensive it was!
You hold such loving energy and grace for each and every person in attendance. I have never experienced such deep and meaningful meditation in the past 18 years of practise as I did when mediating under your guidance.
There are many experiences I could thank you for but the most profound, for me, is learning to watch my mind, actually "see" what I'm thinking. This gives me a wonderful tool to decide if my thoughts enhance my life and add to the betterment of others and the world as a whole. In other words, I am now much more aware of the thoughts rushing through my mind and I can now decide if I want to keep them or change them.
All of the participants of the Intensive are a delight to be with. I have made new, life long friends and strengthened old friendships.
With an open and loving heart, I thank you and am already looking forward to next years Intensive.
Love, Blessings and Joy,
Lynda Bancroft