Life is a process, trust the process - Susan E.

Life is a process, trust the process. I feel light. Layers of an onion are being peeled away daily. I literally can go full inches further in my yoga class in various different poses. Clothes fit that I haven’t worn in 2 years. I don’t eat much, because I just don’t need the food. I’m drinking tons of water. I go for walks, I make the time to do what my body wants me to do (ie a walk) instead of thinking, oh wouldn’t it be nice to go for a walk, but end up folding laundry, cleaning kitchen etc. and have found that everything still gets done.

I was at my son’s school concert where the orchestra played for an hour. I sat perfectly still for an hour, didn’t lean back in the chair, perfect straight spine, my skeleton was holding me up, not my muscles and had a wonderful spiritual experience listening to the music.

Even though life is still busy, I’m on a slower treadmill and everything still works out.  

My husband just watches me, says he can’t keep his eyes off the “glowing me”. Those close to me have noticed how centered I am. 

We go through life learning at school, making our lives fit into society, but society doesn’t know a thing about really living your life. Thank you for showing me, who I am, and who I am growing to be, and trusting myself that I do know best!

If Life has brought you to Bart’s website, then trust the process and take a big jump and go for, what you feel in your gut you want to do.

For me, this will be an annual event!  Thank you so much for starting it Bart!

Susan E.