True growth creates change - Catherine

Dear Bart,

I also wish to thank you so much for providing the opportunity to experience

An absolutely delightful and deeply nourishing week in Puerto Vallarta.  
Surrounded by such incredible natural beauty, the chanting and meditation, the companionship of wonderful souls and the healing power of the sea and sand filled me with such joy.

I also learned so much.. Much more, in fact, than I had anticipated. The deeper inner knowing that I gained through your guided meditation, chanting and lectures I had hoped for but what I learned about myself through my relationships and encounters with fellow intensive and spiritual travelers and their processes, took me by surprise!

Since then, as I have continued to process my thoughts and feelings, I have come to understand that just as you said many times that there is never All the fun of the original Scrabble, but with fast-action fun, and rock-n-roll Spike!Welcome to Pogo’s collection of free online word casino games online , including favorites such as SCRABBLE, Word Whomp, BOGGLE Bash, Hangman, and tons more! Scroll up and down the casino games online list to see all word casino games online on Pogo. a "wrong or bad" meditation for we are all quite different, so too will our 'soul' journeys look different. We all perceive things differently .. We will all react and respond in our own unique ways. I also know that true growth creates change  ... and, to quote a wise and very dear old soul named 'Grandmother', “by changing and evolving we do not betray the Masters" no matter what our processes and journeys look like. I do hope that at next year's Intensive, there will be greater acceptance by all Seva staff of the unique way in which each participant takes care of their emotional needs and Well-being.

I hope all's well with you and I look forward to our next Intensive with great anticipation!

With love and respect,