Recognizing what I was experiencing! - Susanne

Dear Bart,

I didn't think that anything could surpass last year's intensive, but this year's certainly did - and within the first day!  But of course it so was different that the two cannot really be compared.  What a wonderful week!  Your teachings on meditation and the chakras ware so well organized and researched.  Although there was a lot of information, everything started falling into place midweek.
Thank you for giving us context and reference points for meditation experiences.  I didn't understand some of my own experiences, but after listening and absorbing your teachings, I had a few AHA! Moments in meditation: recognizing what I was experiencing!  It has helped me understand that there is a lot more going on than I thought, especially with the releasing of the nadis.  
My personal experience from meditation is an expansion and releasing of my heart chakra again this year, to where I feel I am starting to encompass the world.  I have deep feelings of detachment and compassion all at the same time.  
I have this feeling of becoming completely seated and rooted in myself, with such calm and knowing of who and what I am, being able to speak and live my truth. I truly feel that I am a spiritual being having spiritual experiences, with the emotional turmoil falling away.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be of service (Seva) as a member of the Intensive staff.  This has changed me forever; and the words honour, pleasure, and privilege are inadequate to describe the fullness and richness of this experience.
You have truly stepped into your power with your teachings.  Thank you for your generosity in bringing us along with you on your journey.  Your integrity and honesty never waiver and give us such an example to move forward with our own lives. I also must thank Dr. Williams for his love and guidance during his talks and during the week.
I can't wait to see what you teach next year!
With great respect, gratitude and love always,