Enormous gains on the spiritual path - C. Moore

Dear Bart,

The Kundalini Intensive was wonderful and I can’t thank you enough. I had a marvellous time. My heart feels so full. My mind in still reeling from the amazing teachings and my ears still ringing from the sounds of the wonderful chants with all the live instruments. I appreciate all the charts of the chakras in the room to augment the teachings. Your PowerPoint slides were just stunning. You provided such beautiful photos behind the words. It was easy to hear with all the new sound equipment.

It always amazes me how you can take a group of people who don’t even know each other and bring to a place of deep inner peace and love. You always take such good care of everyone, right down to the homeopathic remedies you shared one day with everyone.

You’re sense of humor is delightful and helps us all to laugh at ourselves when we are trying so hard to learn as much as we can. It also reminds me that effort is only one part of the spiritual path the other part is letting go and surrendering. It always feels safe to go very deep into meditation with you leading. Weren’t some of the experiences that people shared amazing.

One of the unique things about your retreats is the combination of fun and relaxation with deep and incredible meditations. That combination, plus being in another country seem to really set me free to be. The Seva support staff was very helpful to people before, during, and after the retreat schedule. They showed plenty of love and understanding. I loved John’s teachings and help with chanting correctly. Judy just sparkled as she implemented your every wish in the meditation hall. 

Most of all, this was a moving and uplifting, deep and mysterious week of meditation and chanting. I love meditation but don’t always go as deep as we did at the retreat and with such clarity and support.  I loved the people, the place, and your compassionate embrace as you led us in meditation and chanting. I am sure I have made enormous gains on the spiritual path. What a bonus—my amazing meditations have continued even though the retreat has ended.

Thank you too for the wealth of information on Kundalini and the chakras. Your sharing of your own experiences has helped me to better understand these subtle realms. Your focus and intention to bring forward in a clear and articulate way these subtle teachings is to be commended. Certainly not many people could teach about these things in a way that is as easily understood as you present.
C. Moore