That’s ultimately what this retreat was about for me.  

When the retreat was over, I felt that there was so much love and Shakti both during and after it that I could have flown home without a plane!
Then “reality” intruded in the form of an unwelcomed removal from something that had played a significant part in my life for more than a decade. Initially I was upset with the removal, but gradually was able to see the larger picture. Then relief began to flood in – relief that I was no longer involved in the great drama surrounding that area of my life – and that old Samskaras (impressions) were being burned away to free me to move on and to soar in liberation! Freedom then expanded into other parts of my life, and the gift and grace of that freedom and the detachment and relief it brought, amazes me now. Some releases were small, like day to day dramas that had run their course and finally disappeared, while others lifted contracted viewpoints that had been there for several years. There’s a subtlety to much of the freeing of Samskaras, but when we see them leave, it’s as if the curtains were drawn open on a beautiful landscape we were never quite able to see before. Now it’s easier to just live in each moment, as it comes, not worrying about the past or the future. That gift alone would have been an extraordinary blessing.
All this is the gift of the Shakti, the gift of your and Carol’s teachings, and the gift of the grace of Dr. Williams who took us to a higher level of consciousness. That level was palpable when watching the huge amount of growth for many of the attendees. Each day brought more awakening and happiness into so many lives. Just being able to watch participants literally glowing with love and joy by the end of the retreat was so amazingly wonderful. Rarely in my life have I ever attended a course that brought so much grace and growth with it, and I’m already preparing for next year’s retreat!
No words are enough to thank you and Dr. Williams for your gifts, your grace, your commitment to us, and your unconditional love.
Love and Joy,