Nourished my soul - John

Dear wonderful Bart and wonderful Robert !! Sadgurunath Maharaj Ki Jay !!

" I have participated in several meditation intensives throughout my life (i.e. India, Cambodia, Hawaii, New York, California) and they have all been very special & shifting experiences albeit nothing has touched me as deeply and profoundly as my time with Bart and the participants in his
2006 Puerto Vallarta intensive. I will be forever grateful to Bart and Dr Williams for having enriched my life on all levels. I encourage anyone who is reading this note to consider attending Bart's meditation intensive without hesitation !! A truly beautiful gift to your self !! Ann Marie "
My friends ask "How was Mexico?"
The answer is always the same: Fabulous.
It was an experience filled with grace, learning, and consciousness.
Every morning before sunrise I walked through the gardens or down the beach on
my way to the meditation hall, feeling uplifted and free, walking into a fuller 
awareness of my being. I was in the right place.
The meditations radiated silence, filled with deep intention and focus.
The Kundalini yoga practice has left my breathing deeper and more relaxed.
The teachings empowered my contemplation and ability to 
free myself from emotional patterns.
The chanting was sublime, rich, and joyful.
The colors, sunlight, warm breezes, and sparkling ocean of Puerto Vallarta
soothed and nourished my soul.