Annual 'inner tune up' - Anne Marie Gabriel

Hope this note finds you both well - it took me far longer to sit and write out my comments than I expected.

What words can possibly describe entering the Ocean of Consciousness?

...uplifting, insightful, calming, loving, emotionally soothing, unifying, glorifying, angelic, safe, colorful, funny, real, warm, magnificent, bonding, alive, invigorating and rejuvenating... a homecoming to our true nature and self. And what a reunion it was...!

I could feel my body healing, becoming more toned and healthier; I sensed that I journeyed 'home' in the meditations, back to my source of unconditional love and peace; and I connected with my purpose as Healer and Teacher, no longer as afraid. I sense that I left a lot of old baggage behind, stepping into a new way of Being.

The setting was perfect in all aspects, sacred, pure and off the grid. The timing was perfect for all of us and the insights and inner shifts definitely called for.

Bart you are truly a gift, and Angel on earth and my brightest Star, Guide and Teacher. My heart felt thanks for the unconditional love you share. And I am committed to making our retreat an annual 'inner tune up'.

Robert, you are so marvelous 'in the Wings' - blessings for all your good work and attention to detail.

Anne Marie Gabriel