Be outside of time/space - Melody

Dear Bart, 

It was so much a part of the brilliance of the intensive to hold it in Puerto Vallarta , a place you can be outside of time/space, and with the sea and the sun. Instant mellow. With such a great group of conscious people – diverse and immensely interesting. And fun! I had a whole lot of fun and did a lot of laughing! No stuffiness anywhere, with it all blown away in the constant seaside winds. 

Every minute of every day of my TWO weeks was PERFECT. I couldn’t ask for a better holiday. And I can’t imagine a better experience for the intensive. The yoga and chanting and the couple hours a day of exquisite group meditation really helped me to get to deeper, and higher, places. And I just love your teachings – your style. Your teaching makes me laugh and touches my heart, informs me and gives me food for thought to feast on for months. 

I can’t report any dramatically obvious personal changes during the intensive but I realize two months later, that everything related to my spiritual work is more real since the intensive. More than something I’ve been told that I believe, it’s real now, I’m glimpsing it, I’m going there more easily – it’s real. I’m beginning to perceive energy signatures. Past baggage - things I need to come to terms with, are gently bubbling up, presenting themselves for examination. And now I am better armed with the tools to identify the roots of those blocks and make changes, break undesireable patterns, build a better future. To be at choice and live a joyful and fulfilling life. Bart, you open doors. Many doors were opened for me at the intensive. 

Next year, three weeks! so I can stick around after the intensive and bask in the glow of it, listen to the waves roll the rocks up and down the beach and gaze at the stars for a few more nights and spend some time with my new Mexican friends. A thousand thank yous Bart, and to everyone who helped put it together and to everyone who attended. I can hardly wait to fill up with the love again in 2007 and take another leap forward! 

With gratitude and much love,