How wonderful it was! - Hilary

Dearest Bart 

How wonderful it was! 
An inspiring experience of being in heaven on earth, with everyone supporting each other and giving blessings freely. Feeling the fullness of open heart and true inter-connectedness in a group is very rare, -- and there was much diversity of principle and experience but none of those "mind" differences got in the way of our honest love.
You set that state with your own energy of love and open-ness, and trust came very quickly…No ego
Your teaching was very clear-the most clear I’ve ever heard from you, and full of yours and Dr Williams’ wisdom. And the group exercises amplified the meaning and personal understanding. It must have been a challenge to find a way to speak to the range of levels of understanding….
I must admit at one point I was feeling kind of bored and suddenly the energy changed for me and there was something completely different in the ‘old’ a new perspective you lit up a new light!!!
It’s beyond words -- the total experience—is a feeling I feel sad to not still be in so completely. The energy was like the Ashram.
We meditated and worshiped together.
There was discipline, there was laughter, there was warmth and honouring in a very concentrated way, a ‘togetherness’ came with the structure and focus we all offered. Our intention was very clear.
Now it is for all of us to stay in that heart space .. And we need to meditate and hold our experience through meditation and at the same time stay connected with physical contact, as we hold the energy as a collective that can be re-kindled very quickly.
We are now a source of great light as a group that can be turned on –that’s bigger than our individual lights. Thanks to you.
With great love and gratitude for a paradigm shift of grace you so freely gave that unifies us all. You are showered with thanks and blessings
Deep Love Hilary

Thanks to Carol for the clarity of research with full attention to detail, and loveliness of her gentle delivery of the words with great presence