Thank YOU with gratitude from my heart to yours.

Bart, there really are no words to fully describe my experience and my heartfelt appreciation for all that YOU and Dr. Williams are and do. I came with an open heart and had seriously and lovingly set my intentions which were completely fulfilled. Now I am home back in the mundane feeling confident and rejuvenated. You and Dr. Williams fully supported my journey during the retreat on all levels and lovingly held the sacred space for all participants. You are a man of great depth, wisdom, compassion and so much Love Love Love. You lead by example showing us true vulnerability and authenticity. You made me feel safe especially when I felt most vulnerable. You answered all our questions taking your time to articulate clearly and with compassion and love and you often interpreted them beyond our own understanding of what we were asking. You treated each of us with the same respect and acknowledgment. You lovingly shared your humour bringing so much joy into the retreat from beginning to the very end as we all celebrated together. When you chant you fill the reservoir of our hearts and as we return the chant we FEEL LOVE from within and without opening our hearts to God. Your choice of topics throughout the retreat were spot on to meet our needs and take us into deeper understanding and acceptance. Your integrity, love and compassion was completely reflected in all your helpers and that alone speaks volumes! Your choice of venue is outstanding as we experienced the peace and tranquility of our surroundings. I feel truly blessed and honoured to know you and I look forward to more PV retreats to come!!! Thank YOU with gratitude from my heart to yours.

Mary Wileichuk

pv retreat 2017