Respect for the PV Retreat 2017

For the last five years i have attended the PV retreat and for me it has become a part of my life. For weeks prior to the retreat, during and after I eat vegan.  In this way I believe I am preparing my body as best I can to process the energy given to us during the retreat. This year I abstained from sugar and alcohol as well. Although that is not asked of us, for me it is imperative to show respect for the retreat, and for Dr. Williams and for yourself.  The time you share with us is a gift and it is to be revered. 

So, with that said, thank YOU so much for your work, and for dropping into a compassionate creative space to provide the retreat experience each year.  I feel very privileged to have met you, your partner Pascal and Dr. Williams.  It was pure grace that led me to your door.

With peace, Anne-Marie Jones

pv retreat 2017