Approval Agreement with Bart Smit

 Approval Agreement with Bart Smit

1)    I agree to pay the fee of $220.00 PLUS $28.60 HST (CASH or VISA ONLY) for each Reading,  after the Reading. Payment for this service is non-refundable.

2)    I am aware that Mr. Smit is in trance during the Readings and is not conscious of the material discussed between Dr. Williams and myself. Mr. Smit does not assume responsibility for any advice given by Dr. Williams

3)    I am aware that Dr. Williams is not a medical doctor, a psychologist or any other health professional, and that the title “Doctor” is a term of respect which indicates that he is Mr. Smit’s spiritual teacher.

4)    I am aware that Dr. Williams cannot diagnose conditions nor can he prescribe medications, and that I should seek the advice of a medical physician, a psychologist or any other health professional if I am concerned about any physical, emotional or psychological condition.

5)    As a gift, a complimentary recorded CD or MP3 of my session with Dr. Williams is included with my Reading. I understand that any defects in CD of the recording is not the responsibility of Mr. Smit or his office, and does not grant me a replacement Reading or a refund of money.

6)    I agree to assume all responsibility for any action I might take based on information or advice received during my Reading(s)In exchange for the privilege of having a Reading, I hereby release, acquit and forever discharge Bart Smit and his staff from any and all rights, actions, causes of actions, claims and demands, which I ever had, now have, or may hereafter have in any way arising out of the Reading; and I also agree not to make any claim or take any proceeding against any other person or corporation who might claim contribution or indemnity, either at law or in equity from the persons discharged by this release.

7)    I agree to receive emails from Bart Smit and his office, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with newsletters, information, notices of seminars and events by Bart Smit, announcements, and other marketing email or other commercial electronic communications concerning Bart Smit that may be relevant to you and our business. You can withdraw your consent at any time by emailing Bart’ office.

I read and understand the above information, and by my own free will, agree to the terms of this document. (Copyrighted Bart Smit)