People with great hearts come to Bart's retreats.

What we do

The channeler's lecture "Breaks down complexity into simplicity"

What we do

Private Session

What we do

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Knowledge liberates us and leads us to Consciousness

What we do


One hour private session in person or by phone with Bart Smit channeling Dr. Williams.   * Canadian Fee

Private Channeling

Bart Smit has a rare gift wherein the spirit of Dr. Williams is permitted to come forward while Bart is in a deep state of trance. Bart is the only channel for the spirit of Dr. Williams. Bart and Dr. Williams are of the same light, yet they are distinct and separate personalities with different mannerisms...

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Public Lecture

The Channeler's Lecture - Pathway to Consciousness - This interactive series was created in response to Dr. Williams’ request for a group forum to address the common themes, concerns, issues, and challenges being brought...

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PV Meditation Retreat

Bart Smit welcomes you to the Puerto Vallarta Meditation Retreat, 2016. The detailed information about this 11th Meditation Retreat in Puerto Vallarta including the registration form will be presented PDF format soon... Retreat 2015 is sold out.

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The most profound readings come from questions that directly relate to your own life.

Dr. Williams does not seek approval or recognition, but has dedicated himself to the evolution of humanity. He does not consider himself a guru. He asserts that the purpose of human birth and the goal of all of life is to merge into the Absolute. The aim of his journey is to end suffering and lead us to an understanding of our own divinity and greatest potential by answering our personal questions about our lives.  To schedule an appointment

Click on the icons on the side for question sample.

  • What is the most important karmic pattern that I am dealing with at this time? Am I repeating patterns that I did not deal with before?
  • How do I allow the problems of my youth to affect me as an adult?
  • Who are my guides and teachers and what role do they play in my life?
  • Which past life episodes are affecting me today?
  • Learn how to see yourself as the divine being you really are.
  • What lessons am I learning through my family dynamics?
  • How can I better understand my part in personal relationships?
  • Are my male and female energies in balance? Is either blocked?
  • Learn how to interact karmically with your children.
  • Is there any weaker area in my body that could effect my life?
  • I have been dealing with an health issue for a while. Am I in the right direction for recovery?
  • Given my soul’s purpose, what would the perfect career/job look like for me?
  • What obstacles are preventing me from moving forward in my career (or business)?
  • I work with the following individuals…..Who can I most trust in my workplace?
  • I am experiencing a conflict in my workplace (Describe). What am I contributing to this conflict?
  • How can I best leverage myself (education, strengths, skills, role) to move into more senior roles in my organization?

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Client's Moments of Gratitude

What Our Happy Clients Say about us

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Not sure if you remember me, I came to see Dr. Williams in August last year and attended your meditation classes in the subsequent months. I am currently living in India in an ashram learning how to teach yoga and will be attending a Vipassana on the 22nd of March. I was going to go work in a hospital in Delhi but once immersed in the culture of Consciousness, I felt that 6 weeks was not long enough to scrape the crap of my soul and rewire my brain. I am truly grateful for your presence in my life that...

Canadian Yogi - Julia

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Hello Bart: Sadly I had not been able to attend the 2008 retreat for both spiritual/financial reasons. I am grateful for all that both you & Dr. Williams have taught me from the Meditation & Clairvoyance course back in November 2007. I've come so far since then and have no doubt that both yourself and Dr. Williams have been of great assistance in propelling me there.I have no doubt that since my session with both you and Dr. Williams I've truly awakened to the path of my true self. The first time I ever listened to the 2007 retreat video, I...

Awareness is about not getting wrapped up in others conscience - Kathy Millard

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Dear Mr. Smit, On behalf of UNICEF Canada, I would like to thank you for supporting our Spread the Net campaign by hosting the Spread the Net Concert Fundraiser on October 13, 2007, at the Cecil Community Centre in Toronto. The $2,508.00 that was raised during this event and provided directly to UNICEF Canada on October 16th will be used to purchase 250 bed nets for children and families in Liberia and Rwanda. Bed nets are a key tool in the fight against the deadly but preventable malaria disease. The fundraising event you organized will help us reach our goal of supplying...

10 bucks, One net, Save a life Evening / Letter from Unicef - Carolyn Solby

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Bart Thanks to you and your creative team for organizing the outstanding festivities last night. A net, a life. An opportunity to make a profound difference in another's life.I was respectfully overwhelmed and awed by the caliber of the artists! And they performed with as much respect, and exuberance as they would have if they were performing at a Gala. Such dignity and respect shown for this formidable cause, you as a leader, and of course the audience!What a magical evening! I hope that many offered more than the 10 dollars. We participated in a royal evening. I was exposed to...

Union in Community Evening/ 10 bucks, One net, Save a life - Karyn-Ann

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Dear Bart, I want to thank you for the workshops over the last three weeks. Even though it was difficult the first week because of this huge emotional kriya I have been going through (which actually started at the Mahsamadhi intensive - it erupted at the Harmonic Concordance), I found that being at the workshop helped calm my agitated mind and feelings. I am still struggling and feeling disconnected, but eventually I will work it out. I understand on an intellectual level what you are talking about but I am feeling very frustrated because I am not feeling it. I know it...

Emotional kriya

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I got a tremendous amount of info from Friday night's did my fellow alumni. The most key: - I feel I shifted, at some level, from an intellectual 'knowing' of the correation between body - mind - soul, to a more 'felt sense' of knowing. I recognize this 'felt sense' of alignment and recognize when this has happened in my life and how powerful the outcome was. It's difficult to put into words, but when I felt this way, I was able to manifest the outcome I desired, with pure certainty and joy. Your mention of the three energies...

FINALLY I GOT - Rosemary

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Dear Bart, Last nite was amazing (sounds like a love letter but it was almost like that!) I am so grateful to you for opening the session up to everyone, I haven't experienced your teachings and Dr. William's in that capacity either. Pure love and grace. The material was put into a perspective that absolutely provided a deep and profound healing (at least for me). It is you who also has elegance and grace and I respect how you encompass the teachings and do live your life aligned to God/Goddess/All That Is. I was so blown away by the energy transmitted...

Blown away - Lauren Ganja

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Dear Bart,  Thank you (and Dr. Williams) for the wonderful information you are sharing with us, at the Wednesday night group. I feel fortunate and grateful to be a part of it.Although I have been "meditating" off and (more) on for the past 15 years plus, I've never felt as connected or felt the degree of peace and harmony I have attained in just two nights with you.On Wednesday as we did the meditation, I heard a high pitched ringing in my ears and as I gave it my attention I could hear another sound just below it.The blood pumping through...

The pulse of the ages - Lynda

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I want to express my deep gratitude for the wise guidance and advice received over the years. Most recently, Dr. Williams recommended that I take a course of IVs to remove Fungus from my body.I was tired a lot and couldn’t consistently work out.  Exercise sometimes made me exhausted.  If I exercised for 2 days in a row, I would either get tired or feel a cold coming on.  None of it made any sense to my holistic MD.Then Dr. Williams suggested the IV treatments.  I had to do a number of them, but boy was it worth it!  I have...

Great Health Advice - MS Toronto

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