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PV Meditation Retreat PDF document is ready for download


The meditation retreat is February 27th to March 6th, 2015
Final registration deadline is Friday, January 30th, 2015

Prayer from Dr.Williams

I am a divine human being with a divine light. It is my luminosity that lights my path. All the darkness that comes my way I transcend and move into light. I allow myself to expand and contract thru cycles of a day. I live according to my soul’s journey. I renunciate all expectations that are false, limited, or non-serving. I bow to my own divinity, my own soul, its evolution. My purpose in life is to truly understand compassion. Every day I become conscious and aware that I am connected to all the finest fibers of energy and the earth and the elements. I do not let all the things that stand in front of me consume my time or absorb my energy as I free my energy to really experience life the way God intended. I spread the gospel of love within my eyes and within my heart.
Dr. Williams

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